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My Health Record

By providing Assisted Registration in a point-of-care setting you can help your patients sign up for a My Health Record before they leave your practice, and your organisation will be able to immediately begin uploading health information to their My Health Record.
Yes, individuals can register through these other channels:

Forms are no longer required Previously these had to be kept for three years. They are optional depending on practice work flow requirements. If you choose to use forms top record the information you must keep or destroy those forms according to your own practice policies which must meet our state regulations.

You don’t need signed consent Consent to create a My Health Record must be obtained, but it does not need to be recorded or retained.

You don’t have to upload. Just check the box Practices can be assured that they can tick the check box regardless of whether they have a form or not as it is administrative and has no legal effect any more.

Yes the organisation can obtain consent for example, you may choose to continue using the application form or may obtain it verbally. The organisation’s assisted registration policy must now address how the organisation will obtain that consent.
Your organisation should dispose of assisted registration application forms or any records of consent in the same secure manner it disposes of other personal information.
Yes. This requirement is now located in paragraph 42(4)(f) of the My Health Records Rule 2016.
Software Demonstrations are a great resource for understanding how to register patients.

Also, the On Demand Training environment is a simulation of your clinical software where you can practice how to do Assisted Registration, upload Shared Health summaries and view a Patient’s record.


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