Ensure your patients’ future health care wishes are accessible in Queensland hospitals

In Central Queensland, Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay by PHN Communications

You can ensure that your patients’ documented advance care plans can be accessed across sectors in Queensland to help inform medical treatment plans, especially, if the person cannot communicate their values, wishes and beliefs for healthcare.

The Statement of Choices focuses on a person’s quality of life and records their wishes and choices for health care into the future.  It will only be used if a person is unable to make or communicate decisions themselves.

  • Individuals and their families can be reassured that their advance care plans are in their Queensland Health medical record and can be accessed when needed.
  • Health care professionals can access the plans to inform clinical decision making.

In Queensland, a Statement of Choices can be used to document a person’s future health care wishes in an advance care plan. The Statement of Choices can be uploaded to The Viewer and accessed by clinicians throughout Queensland Health hospitals.

How to have your patients’ Statement of Choices uploaded to The Viewer:

  1. Complete a Statement of Choices with your patient.
  2. Send a copy of the Statement of Choices document to the Office of ACP by fax, email or post.
  3. After reviewing for quality, the Statement of Choices will be uploaded to The Viewer and therefore accessible.

For more information, visit My Care, My Choices or contact the Office of Advanced Care Planning on 1300 007 227.