Aged care programs

We work to support partnerships between general practice, RACFs, pharmacists, allied health professionals, hospitals and community health care providers to improve the coordination of health services for older community members in our region.

Aged care reform

The Australian Government is committed to providing a sustainable system that supports older people who need care. Australia’s population is ageing rapidly and our current aged care system needs to change to keep up with future demand.

Reforms to aged care are being implemented progressively, to give older people more choice, easier access and better care. It will also build a better and more sustainable aged care system. Learn more about aged care reform 

Advance care planning offers people the opportunity to discuss with family members, carers, friends and health professionals the choices for care at the end of life.

The advance care plan Statement of Choices form focuses on your wishes and choices for health care into the future.

Your advance care plan, including your Statement of Choices form, will only be used to help guide health care decisions if you are unable to make or communicate your decisions. You can change your mind, your plans and legal documents at any time.

You can complete your advance care plan for yourself. However, it is a good idea to complete this together with your doctor. You can also complete an advance care plan for someone else if they do not have the capacity and if you are their recognised substitute decision maker.

Visit the SCHHS Advance Care Planning site  to access, print and read instructions about the Statement of Choices forms.

After you have completed the forms:

  • Once you have recorded your decisions, give copies of the documents to those you trust – including family members, close friends, your GP and your local hospital. This will ensure your future health care choices are respected if you are unable to make to communicate your decisions.
  • Remember, you can change your mind, your plans and legal documents at any time. It is a good idea to review your plans regularly.

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Further resources

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My Aged Care

My Aged Care is the entry point for older Australians to access aged care. Health professionals play a key role in supporting patients to access these services. If you believe your patient may need aged care services you can make a referral.

For patients who need health-related support, such as after a hospital stay or due to a sudden change in their health status, more appropriate health specific services may be available through post-acute care, state or privately funded rehabilitation.

Contact: 1800 200 422

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About our programs

The PHN’s annual Health Needs Assessment aims to identify service gaps in the aged care sector, and consider locally-relevant, person-centered service design.

Our Health Needs Assessment 2015-16 identified elderly persons as a priority population throughout our region, and as such, we are committed to providing ongoing solutions to more efficient, accessible primary health care to those working and engaging with the sector.

We are consulting with a broad range of consumers, carers and aged care service providers to identify needs, current issues in accessing services, and health service capacity now and into the future.

We work in partnership with consumers and providers to develop and implement locally based activities to improve access to primary health care for older residents living in the community.