june, 2019

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2019sat01jun9:00 amComorbid Mental Health Conditions in Veterans: Strategies for assessment, case formulation and treatment$1209:00 am CPD:YesArea:Sunshine Coast

2019sun02junAll DayBenign and precancerous lesions certificateFrom $900(All Day) CPD:YesArea:Online

2019sun02junAll DayPractical dermoscopy certificateFRom $900(All Day) CPD:YesArea:Online

2019mon03jun12:30 amTESTTEST12:30 am CPD:NoArea:Central Queensland

2019mon03jun(jun 3)10:00 amAOD Peer Worker TrainingFree10:00 am 5 East Street, Rockhampton QLD 4700CPD:NoArea:Central Queensland

2019tue04jun9:00 amUnderstanding Decision making training$1659:00 am 5 East Street, Rockhampton QLD 4700CPD:NoArea:Central Queensland

2019tue04jun12:00 pmDeadly diseases: a history, and the current battle against measlesFree12:00 pm CPD:NoArea:Online

2019tue04jun7:15 pmThe Military Experience and Mental Health: Understanding the nexusFree7:15 pm CPD:EnquireArea:Online

2019wed05jun1:00 pmWhat you need to know about connecting your practice to My Health RecordFree1:00 pm CPD:NoArea:Online

2019wed05jun2:00 pmNurses & HSSPA AwardsFrom $402:00 pm CPD:NoArea:Online

2019thu06jun9:00 amUnderstanding Decision making training$1659:00 am 5 East Street, Rockhampton QLD 4700CPD:NoArea:Central Queensland

2019thu06jun10:00 amOrganisational Readiness Training for Peer Workforce DevelopmentFree10:00 am 5 East Street, Rockhampton QLD 4700CPD:NoArea:Central Queensland

2019thu06jun6:00 pmThe Invisible Man: Eating Disorders in MalesFree6:00 pm CPD:NoArea:Sunshine Coast

2019thu06jun6:00 pmPsychological Therapy Services in Residential Aged Care Facilities Co-design WorkshopFree6:00 pm CPD:NoArea:Wide Bay

2019mon10jun12:30 pmDeadly Sex Networking Update - What’s New in HIV and Hep C?Free12:30 pm CPD:NoArea:Online

2019mon10jun6:00 pmPalliative care symptom management in a primary care settingFree - dinner provided 6:00 pm Western Gateway Motel (cnr Hospital Road and Theresa St)CPD:EnquireArea:Central Queensland

2019tue11jun8:00 amConference: Improving End-of-Life Care for Frail Older People$408:00 am CPD:NoArea:Other

2019tue11jun2:00 pmBusiness planning for clinicsFrom $402:00 pm CPD:NoArea:Online

2019wed12jun8:30 amBstrong Training Event WorkshopFree8:30 am CPD:NoArea:Sunshine Coast

2019wed12jun6:30 pmNew Treatment Paradigms in Severe Eosinophilic AsthmaFree6:30 pm CPD:NoArea:Sunshine Coast

2019fri14jun6:00 pmRockhampton MBS Compliance and Better Billings for GPsFrom $5206:00 pm 5 East Street, Rockhampton QLD 4700CPD:NoArea:Central Queensland

2019sat15jun(jun 15)1:00 pmBusiness for doctorsFrom $6361:00 pm CPD:NoArea:Wide Bay

2019sun16jun8:00 amMBS compliance for nurses and administrators$289.848:00 am CPD:NoArea:Wide Bay

2019sun16jun(jun 16)8:30 amCare Plans and Health Assessments Masterclass RoadshowFrom $5008:30 am CPD:YesArea:Central Queensland

2019tue18jun6:28 amBenign and precancerous lesions certificate6:28 am CPD:YesArea:Online

2019tue18jun6:00 pmNoosa: Breastscreen General Practice UpdateFree6:00 pm Noosa Private Hospital, Goodchap Street, NoosaCPD:YesArea:Sunshine Coast

2019tue18jun6:00 pmVascular Update for GPsFree6:00 pm CPD:YesArea:Sunshine Coast

2019tue18jun6:30 pmA cardiac and vascular update: disease awareness and latest treatmentsFree6:30 pm 5 East Street, Rockhampton QLD 4700CPD:YesArea:Central Queensland

2019wed19jun5:30 pmGP education and networking event: antenatal care and laparoscopyFree5:30 pm CPD:EnquireArea:Wide Bay

2019wed19jun6:00 pmNurse network meeting: iron infusion, ACAT and nurse navigator updateFree6:00 pm CPD:NoArea:Sunshine Coast

2019wed19jun6:15 pmClearing the Air: Addressing Dilemmas in the Management of COPD and An overview of SpirometryFREE6:15 pm CPD:NoArea:Wide Bay

2019thu20jun7:30 amGympie Nurse Networking Meeting: My Health for LifeFREE7:30 am CPD:NoArea:Wide Bay,Sunshine Coast

2019thu20jun(jun 20)9:30 amMental health first aid courseFrom $509:30 am CPD:EnquireArea:Central Queensland

2019thu20jun2:15 pmAISRAP Guest Lecture - Personal and Professional Exposure to Suicide$302:15 pm CPD:NoArea:Other

2019fri21jun8:00 amImproving end-of-life care for frail older people$408:00 am Venue: Boardroom Hervey Bay RSLCPD:NoArea:Wide Bay

2019fri21jun6:00 pmInspirational speaker - John CoutisFree6:00 pm Kianga HallCPD:NoArea:Central Queensland

2019tue25jun(jun 25)10:00 amAOD Peer Worker TrainingFree10:00 am CPD:NoArea:Sunshine Coast

2019tue25jun2:00 pmMaximising clinic potentialFrom $402:00 pm Area:Online

2019wed26jun9:00 amAOD Crash Course: One day introduction to AOD9:00 am CPD:EnquireArea:Wide Bay

2019wed26jun1:00 pmMy HR for Practice Nurses - Improving continuity of care for your patientsFree1:00 pm CPD:NoArea:Online

2019wed26jun6:00 pmCOPD: A Nursing PerspectiveFree6:00 pm CPD:NoArea:Wide Bay

2019thu27jun9:00 amCulturally Secure AOD Practice – Featuring IRISEnquire9:00 am CPD:EnquireArea:Wide Bay

2019thu27jun9:00 amUnderstanding Decision Making Training$1659:00 am CPD:NoArea:Sunshine Coast

2019fri28jun10:00 amOrganisational Readiness Training for Peer Workforce DevelopmentFree10:00 am CPD:NoArea:Sunshine Coast

2019sat29jun8:45 amChronic disease support program (Monto)Freehttps://www.ourphn.org.au/wp-content/uploads/20190629-ChronicDiseaseSupport-WB.pdf8:45 am CPD:YesArea:Wide Bay

Australian College of Nurses CPDEnquireYear Around Event (2019) CPD:YesArea:Other

Navigating genomic testing in primary careFreeYear Around Event (2019) CPD:YesArea:Online

Supporting Children’s Resilience in General PracticeEnquireYear Around Event (2019) CPD:EnquireArea:Online

Australian College of Nurses CPD - OnlineEnquireYear Around Event (2019) CPD:YesArea:Other

Palliative care GP online learning modulesFreeYear Around Event (2019) CPD:EnquireArea:Online

Management of ObesityFrom $275Year Around Event (2019) CPD:YesArea:Online

Graduate Certificate in Person-centred Diabetes Care and EducationFrom $5140Year Around Event (2019) CPD:NoArea:Online

MyHR for Receptionist & Administration staffFreeYear Around Event (2019) CPD:NoArea:Online

Wound care webinar sessionsFunded by PHNYear Around Event (2019) CPD:YesArea:Online

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