october, 2019

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2019oct1:00 amFocussed Psychological Strategies - A case-based masterclass$295Month Long Event (october) TeleconferenceCPD:EnquireArea:Other

2019tue01oct1:00 pmAAPM national conferenceFrom $5051:00 pm BrisbaneCPD:YesArea:Other

2019tue01oct5:30 pmPersistent Pain - A Paradigm Shift5:30 pm Hervey BayCPD:NoArea:Wide Bay

2019tue01oct6:00 pmHealth Practitioner's Network Meeting: ED Update6:00 pm RockhamptonCPD:NoArea:Central Queensland

2019wed02oct7:15 amSpiritual Aspects of Palliative Care7:15 am OnlineCPD:YesArea:Central Queensland,Wide Bay,Sunshine Coast,Online

2019wed02oct5:30 pmPersistent Pain - A Paradigm Shift5:30 pm BundabergCPD:NoArea:Wide Bay

2019fri04oct8:45 amChronic Disease Support ProgramFree8:45 am BundabergCPD:YesArea:Wide Bay

2019sat05octAll DayAdvanced life supportFrom $1395(All Day: saturday) BrisbaneCPD:YesArea:Other

2019wed09oct9:30 amQLD Mental Health Week - Being Understood & Accepted9:30 am KilkivanCPD:NoArea:Sunshine Coast

2019wed09oct6:00 pmComplex and Hard to Heal Wounds6:00 pm BundabergCPD:EnquireArea:Wide Bay

2019wed09oct6:00 pmPsoriatic arthritis and other comorbidities in psoriasis.Free6:00 pm OnlineCPD:YesArea:Central Queensland,Wide Bay,Sunshine Coast,Online

2019fri11oct8:45 amIntroduction to STI and BBV nursingFree 8:45 am BrisbaneCPD:YesArea:Other

2019fri11oct9:00 amHow to deal with sexualised behaviour problems in children's lives$2009:00 am Hervey BayArea:Wide Bay

2019fri11oct9:00 amBehaviour Change Agent training9:00 am BrisbaneCPD:NoArea:Other

2019fri11oct9:00 amNDIS - Seven Steps to Self-Direction9:00 am BokarinaCPD:NoArea:Sunshine Coast

2019sat12oct8:15 amPaediatric Masterclass for General Practice8:15 am CPD:EnquireArea:Other

2019sat12oct8:30 amPaediatric masterclass for general practice 2019Free8:30 am BrisbaneCPD:EnquireArea:Other

2019sat12oct8:30 amGP antenatal shared care workshopFree8:30 am RockhamptonCPD:YesArea:Central Queensland

2019sat12oct8:30 amGP Antenatal shared care workshopFree8:30 am RockhamptonCPD:YesArea:Central Queensland

2019tue15oct5:45 pmDealing with difficult patients and triagingRSVP 10 OCT5:45 pm RockhamptonArea:Central Queensland

2019tue15oct6:00 pmHot topics webcast including Q fever, and the family impact of cancerFree6:00 pm CPD:EnquireArea:Online

2019wed16oct8:00 amInfection Management Service Professional Development Day8:00 am BirtinyaCPD:YesArea:Sunshine Coast

2019wed16oct9:00 amBetter Questions - Communications Skills Workshop$3309:00 am CPD:YesArea:Sunshine Coast

2019wed16oct9:30 amIndian cultural briefing and cultural competenceFree9:30 am BundabergCPD:NoArea:Wide Bay

2019wed16oct1:00 pmParents affected by AOD: the needs of children in practice1:00 pm CPD:EnquireArea:Online

2019wed16oct5:30 pmGP Education Networking Event: Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology5:30 pm Hervey BayCPD:YesArea:Wide Bay

2019wed16oct6:00 pmClinical update on infectious diseases and public health for GPs6:00 pm RockhamptonCPD:EnquireArea:Central Queensland

2019thu17octAll DayDementia Essentials – Provide support to people living with dementiaFree(All Day) BokarinaCPD:YesArea:Sunshine Coast

2019thu17oct6:00 pmAdvances in Melonoma ManagementRSVP BY 14 OCT6:00 pm BuderimCPD:NoArea:Sunshine Coast

2019thu17oct6:30 pmPrescribing Opioids: Your Choice MattersRSVP FRI 11 OCT6:30 pm YeppoonArea:Central Queensland

2019sat19oct8:00 amDiabetes update dayFrom $1258:00 am BrisbaneCPD:YesArea:Other

2019sat19oct8:30 amGP Preferred Provider Antenatal Workshop (Part 2)RSVP by 11 OCT8:30 am BirtinyaCPD:EnquireArea:Sunshine Coast

2019sat19oct9:00 amFostering recovery eating disorders workshopFree9:00 am MaroochydoreCPD:NoArea:Sunshine Coast

2019sat19oct9:00 amGP Mental Health Skills Masterclass$695 - Registrations close 15 Oct9:00 am BrisbaneCPD:YesArea:Other

2019tue22oct2:00 pmWebinar: Addressing parents' immunisation concerns2:00 pm Area:Online

2019tue22oct5:45 pmRheumatic Heart Disease Update5:45 pm RockhamptonCPD:EnquireArea:Central Queensland

2019tue22oct6:00 pmUnderstanding the NDIS: Maroochydore6:00 pm MaroochydoreCPD:NoArea:Sunshine Coast

2019wed23oct8:30 amAcute Rheumatic Fever /Rheumatic Heart Disease Training8:30 am RockhamptonArea:Central Queensland

2019thu24octAll DayRural Medicine Australia Conference 2019From $295 - $1120(All Day) Gold CoastArea:Other

2019thu24octAll DayAustralian Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine ConferencePlease see website(All Day) BrisbaneCPD:No,EnquireArea:Central Queensland

2019thu24oct6:00 pmModern Radiotherapy and Skin Cancer6:00 pm MaryboroughCPD:YesArea:Wide Bay

2019thu24oct6:15 pmBest practice in community palliative care for GPs, QAS, RNs et al6:15 pm GympieCPD:YesArea:Wide Bay,Sunshine Coast

2019fri25oct10:00 amNDIS Access and Psychosocial Disability Forum10:00 am BundabergCPD:NoArea:Wide Bay

2019fri25oct6:00 pmMen's health: where are we now and where to from hereFree - please RSVP6:00 pm North LakesCPD:NoArea:Other

2019sat26oct8:30 amBrisbane general practice education day8:30 am BrisbaneCPD:YesArea:Other

2019sun27oct8:30 amUltrasound: Obstetrics & Gynaecology$8908:30 am NoosavilleCPD:YesArea:Sunshine Coast

2019mon28oct5:30 pmImproving Mental Health Care with StepCare – Community of Practice5:30 pm MaroochydoreCPD:NoArea:Sunshine Coast

2019tue29oct6:00 pmExercise Is Medicine Workshop - GPs, Nurses and Allied HealthFREE6:00 pm NoosavilleCPD:Nationally accredited,YesArea:Sunshine Coast

2019tue29oct6:30 pmEmerald education and networking event - digital health6:30 pm EmeraldCPD:NoArea:Central Queensland

2019wed30octAll DayProcess Communication Model$1800(All Day) Alexandra HeadlandsArea:Sunshine Coast

2019wed30oct9:30 amPalliative Care for RNs and Allied Health Professionals9:30 am CPD:YesArea:Central Queensland

2019thu31oct8:45 amQueensland epilepsy symposiumFrom $708:45 am BrisbaneCPD:EnquireArea:Other

2019thu31octEOI: Two day suicide awareness trainer programFree8:45 am YeppoonCPD:EnquireArea:Central Queensland

Australian College of Nurses CPDEnquireYear Around Event (2019) CPD:YesArea:Other

Australian College of Nurses CPD - OnlineEnquireYear Around Event (2019) CPD:YesArea:Other

Navigating genomic testing in primary careFreeYear Around Event (2019) CPD:YesArea:Online

Supporting Children’s Resilience in General PracticeEnquireYear Around Event (2019) CPD:EnquireArea:Online

Palliative care GP online learning modulesFreeYear Around Event (2019) CPD:EnquireArea:Online

Management of ObesityFrom $275Year Around Event (2019) CPD:YesArea:Online

Benign and precancerous lesions certificateFrom $900Year Around Event (2019) OnlineCPD:YesArea:Online

Practical dermoscopy certificateFrom $900Year Around Event (2019) OnlineCPD:YesArea:Online

Practical dermoscopy certificateFRom $900Year Around Event (2019) OnlineCPD:YesArea:Online

Graduate Certificate in Person-centred Diabetes Care and EducationFrom $5140Year Around Event (2019) CPD:NoArea:Online

MyHR for Receptionist & Administration staffFreeYear Around Event (2019) CPD:NoArea:Online

Wound care webinar sessionsFunded by PHNYear Around Event (2019) CPD:YesArea:Online

Communication at the end of life courseYear Around Event (2019) WebinarCPD:EnquireArea:Online

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