Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast PHN is a commissioning organisation, which means we do not directly deliver any primary health services. Instead, we contract the most appropriate providers to deliver health services to patients within the community, using Commonwealth funding.

How it works

Commissioning involves an ongoing process of planning and purchasing of services to meet the identified health needs of local populations. Commissioning enables us to use our limited funding to improve health outcomes in our communities.

The PHN undertakes its commissioning activity in accordance with our Commissioning Framework.

Services are based on health needs

The PHN reviews the health needs of our region and identifies priority areas, then seeks the best provider to deliver those services in the most effective way. Commissioning may involve purchasing a service that is already on offer, or working with organisations or communities to design a new one.

How to submit a tender

The PHN releases tenders, requests for proposal, and expressions of interest for the delivery of primary health care programs or services. These opportunities are listed on Tenderlink.  Register for free to be automatically notified when opportunities are released.

Commissioning FAQ


Commissioning involves committing limited resources to health and community care interventions to improve the health system and deliver better consumer outcomes. Commissioning relies on robust relationships and established trust at the local level.

Commissioning is a needs-led and outcome-evaluated process. Stakeholders work to identify needs and co-design solutions. The procurement of services is only one possible outcome to the commissioning process. Commissioning underpins all areas of the PHN's work, including analysis and planning, support for GPs and other healthcare providers and purchasing health and community care interventions.