Integrated Care Alliance

The Integrated Care Alliance (ICA) is a small group with a passionate dedication to better connect and integrate health and care in our community.
About the ICA

The ICA was established in April 2016, with the support of the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service and the PHN. It has brought together a team of clinicians, consumers, carers and health leaders who are all working to build better person-centred care on the Sunshine Coast.

What the Alliance does

The ICA aims for people on the Sunshine Coast to experience continuity of care through an integrated health care system. The group facilitates initiatives to better connect and integrate health care on the Sunshine Coast, with a particular focus on people experiencing chronic or complex conditions.

The ICA has brought together key international and national leaders, like Dr Viktoria Stein from the International Federation of Integrated Care and Professor Lindy Clemson from the University of Sydney, to kick start and assist a number of initiatives, including:

  • A successful falls prevention co-design forum and action plan
  • Supporting a dynamic consent study in general practice to explore the benefits of linking patient data between primary and tertiary care
  • Hospital alternatives initiatives particularly aimed at people with chronic and complex conditions.

The ICA is pushing boundaries to better connect and coordinate care between the primary and tertiary sectors using technology enablers and exploring better ways of sharing patient data.  The alliance is also working together to jointly seek and commission resources to strengthen the shared commitment and accountability with each other and to our community  to make the most of the collective health and care resources we have available to benefit the people of the Sunshine Coast.

Why these projects matter

Research shows that people who are treated for complex or chronic conditions receive more effective care and experience better health outcomes in the primary care sector. Through the ICA, over 30 members and 12 different organisations are able to contribute effort, pool intelligence and seek out resources. This joint approach makes the most of the limited collective health resources and strengthens accountability for our joint progress.

Get in touch

The group meets bi-monthly. If you are interested in submitting an expression of interest to join the alliance or would like more information please contact: