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COVID-19 – Clinical information and resources

For resources to help your business through this pandemic, visit our COVID practice support page
Advice on this page will be updated as the situation evolves and new or changed information comes to hand. New information will be highlighted.
You should continue to return to this website for the latest information rather than  printing/ storing local copies of fact or information sheets.
Note: The information on this page is intended for clinicians only.

Latest updates

Case definition and testing criteria

This latest Public Health Alert (No. 13, 7 May) expands on determining which patients or staff should be tested for SARS-CoV-2, whether to isolate people who are tested and consequent notification requirements. Those meeting clinical and epidemiological criteria for suspected or probable cases should progress onto nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swab for PCR testing for SARS-CoV-2 viral presence

Read the Public Health Alert online here

This Queensland Health GP assessment and management of patients with suspected COVID-19 , includes this testing criteria.

CDNA Guidelines for testing

Communicable Diseases Network Australia (CDNA) Guidelines summarise recommendations for surveillance, infection control, laboratory testing and contact management for COVID-19.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and people living in remote communities are at greater risk from COVID-19. As the rules for seeing people and moving through the community are eased, there are still extra steps needed to protect these communities: CDNA Interim National Guidance for remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities for COVID-19

Supporting people with disability during COVID-19

The Department of Health recently developed five fact sheets for health professionals supporting people with disability during the pandemic, including one fact sheet specifically for primary health care workers. These fact sheets have been developed as part of the COVID-19 Management and Operation Plan for People with Disability, and are available on the Department’s website.

Public Health Direction hotline established

Queensland Health has established a hotline for questions about Public Health Directions for COVID-19. Both the Direction and exemption form pages are currently being redeveloped and will include the hotline number—134 COVID (134 26843)—when they re-launch this week.
Please continue to visit the website in the first instance as the FAQs are comprehensive. The hotline is available for any additional questions.

Full details on Public Health Directions, including FAQs, here.

Apply for an exemption to a Direction, or get help understanding a Direction, here.

    Information and resources

    Fever clinics are set up by Queensland Health and the respective HHS to test suspected COVID cases.

    Respiratory clinics have been established and contracted by the Department of Health for testing and management of respiratory symptoms.

    If you aren’t conducting COVID-19 testing in your practice, we encourage you to refer patients on to private pathology, or to your nearest respiratory or fever clinic.

    Click here for the current list of fever clinics and respiratory clinics

    The locations listed are current as at time of publication and will be updated regularly. HealthPathways is considered the most accurate and current source of information re. clinics. 

    To find a testing location near you, please visit:

    Virtual Fever Clinic. Please note this is for Sunshine Coast HHS only.
    Fever Clinic flow chart. Please note this is for Sunshine Coast HHS only.

    Find previous PHN COVID-19 alerts here

    Respiratory and fever clinicsClick here for up to date clinic information

    Requesting masks

    As supplies are limited, PHNs have been given the role of distributing surgical masks to general practices (including Aboriginal Controlled Community Health Organisations) with demonstrated need, including:

    • where there is no local supply available commercially
    • where practices have a population which may be more likely to have been exposed to the novel coronavirus
    • where practices have an unusual number of patients presenting with respiratory symptoms

    Community pharmacies are eligible to access the supply for the use of their staff when there is no available commercial supply and they have significant contact with people presenting with fever or respiratory symptoms.

    Masks distributed through PHNs cannot be sold as commercial stock or kept for personal use.

    There is no need for the general public or health workers to wear masks unless they are dealing with symptomatic patients.

    Eligible practices can complete a mask request form here.

    Here is a list of commercial PPE providers who may have stock.


    HealthPathways is an online manual used by clinicians to help make assessment, management, and specialist request decisions, with information regarding COVID-19 directly informed by the State Health Emergency Coordination Centre. 
    Medical clearance certificates now on HealthPathways
    Templates for medical clearance certificates are now available on the HealthPathways COVID19 Assessment and Management page. Log in to HealthPathways and scroll down to ‘Management’ then use the template from the appropriate scenario.

    Clinical toolkit for health providers

    Patient resources

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