Our partners

Abt Associates | Consortium partner

Abt Associates is a specialist international and Australian health and social sector consulting company that provides services to public and private sector clients. Our domestic and international clients range from donor agencies, national Governments, mining operations and private enterprises and our services span across a number of speciality areas including project management, policy development, service delivery, consulting and training.

Westfund | Strategic alliance

Established in 1929, Westfund is an Australian member-owned private health insurer with a health services portfolio in areas of market failure. Westfund’s Queensland operations align with the CQSCPHN boundaries. The organisation has several branches across regional Queensland and their strong commitment to regional health has assisted many regional communities to address health service deficits.

Philips Healthcare | Strategic alliance

Philips Healthcare is a global healthcare brand offering world-class design capabilities, system integration, connected devices, data and analytics and is a major provider of hospital diagnostics, healthcare informatics and solutions in Australia.

SCHN and Philips Healthcare aspire to innovate and transform care models in the PHN through system-wide, affordable technologies such as eHealth and telehealth initiatives. In doing so, we aim to create a future of integrated care where complex, chronically ill patients receive coordinated care that empowers them and their families to better manage their conditions.