Practice Incentive Program

The PIP Quality Improvement (QI) Incentive commences 1 August 2019. It is a new payment to practices that participate in activities to support continuous quality improvement in patient outcomes and the delivery of best practice care.

There are two components required to qualify for the PIP QI Incentive payment:


The PIP QI Incentive will reward practices for participating in continuous quality improvement activities in partnership with PHN. Practices may undertake quality improvement activities that focus on specified Improvement Measures. There are no set targets for the Improvement Measures. Practices can also choose to focus their activities on other areas. These areas must be informed by their clinical information system data and meet the needs of their practice population.


General practices registered for PIP QI are required to submit de-identified data to the PHN.

Our PHN uses de-identified data to provide feedback to practices by providing a benchmark report each quarter. This will help you identify continuous  quality improvement opportunities.

To notify your patients that your practice is involved in sharing de-identified data, the following resource is available: “How does my general practice use my information” – De-Identified Data Poster [PDF]

If a patient expresses concern and wishes to opt out of the de-identified data sharing, you are able to remove individual patients, prior to data being sent to PHN. For steps on how to do this, please refer to the PENCS website 

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