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The aim of this research is to explore a range of health practitioners’ attitudes towards the helpfulness of interventions for depression.

Participation is sought from General Practitioners, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, social workers, and psychologists.

Data collected will be presented in  Georgia Nicoll’s Masters dissertation, towards the Master of Clinical Psychology (Charles Sturt University).

Analysis will explore whether differences in attitudes regarding the helpfulness of interventions will exist amongst different health professions, and whether length of practice of the profession impacts attitudes.

Participation is through an anonymous online survey, and is anticipated to take approximately 15 minutes.

If you would like any further information about the study, or a copy of the Research Project Information Sheet, contact Georgia Nicoll on 0408 193 732, or

Access the Project Information Sheet and survey.

Added 19/03/2019

Atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias are associated with higher morbidities and mortality. Should you screen asymptomatic patients? What is the role of mobile ECG devices? What is your need for ECG interpretation training? University of Sydney is conducting a 5-minute survey. Three $50-giftcards will be given away.

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Last updated – 20/11/2018

A research team from Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service and The University of Queensland are developing an electronic tool to predict childhood obesity.

Download the flyer for more information.

Last updated – 20/11/2018

The Oral Ketamine Trial on Suicidality (OKTOS) study will include 25-50 participants in a pilot study, to be conducted over a 12-week period with sub anaesthetic doses of oral ketamine administered on six treatment days and is designed and undertaken to assess the effect of ketamine on adult participants experiencing chronic suicidality.

Last updated – 10/09/2018

Clinical trials are safe, ethical medical research studies that aim to find a better way to manage particular diseases. In partnership with medical experts and industry, we are working with our communities to advance healthcare outcomes and improve access to cutting-edge medicine.

Click here to find out more, join a trial, refer a patient or become an investigator.

Last updated – 21/08/2018

Join a USC and Bond University research team to address high rates of antibiotic prescribing for respiratory infections in general practice and participate in a randomised control trial to evaluate the evidence based strategy of delayed prescribing. The intervention group is encouraged to use a website designed by GPs for GPs and has a patient resource to print and share. Please contact to sign up.

Last updated – 20/08/2018