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Self-Directed Learning

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october, 2020

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RACGP rural focussed psychological strategies online trainingFrom $979Year Around Event (2020) CPD:YesArea:Online

Webinar: Australian Institute of Professional CounselorsFREEYear Around Event (2020) WebinarCPD:EnquireArea:Online

ACRRM: Drug and Alcohol AddictionYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:YesArea:Online

Improving end-of-life care for frail older people: Advance Care Planning Education ModulesFreeYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:EnquireArea:Online

Diabetes Qualified: WebinarsYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:EnquireArea:Online

Communicating COVID-19: Preparing clinicians to tackle challenging questionsYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:EnquireArea:Online

Diabetes Qualified: Courses for health professionalsYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:EnquireArea:Online

ACRRM and RDAA COVID-19 Rural and Remote Response webinar series recordingsYear Around Event (2020) WebinarCPD:EnquireArea:Online

Rural Doctors Family and Domestic Violence Education PackageYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:EnquireArea:Online

JCU COVID-19 Webinar SeriesFreeYear Around Event (2020) WebinarCPD:EnquireArea:Online

The Advance Project eLearning for General PractitionersYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:YesArea:Online

What Age Care Providers Need to Know About Older Australians and End of Life Care: ELDAC COVID-19 Webinar SeriesYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:EnquireArea:Online

Advance Care Planning Australia COVID-19 WebinarsYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:EnquireArea:Online

Advance Care Planning Australia (ACPA) eLearning modulesYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:EnquireArea:Online

ThinkGP - Advance care planning in primary careYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:YesArea:Online

Caring@home Online education modules for registered nursesYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:YesArea:Online

JCU Health Professionals Webinar SeriesFreeYear Around Event (2020) WebinarCPD:EnquireArea:Online

Clinical ethics and COVID-19FreeYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:EnquireArea:Online

Clinician resilience during COVID-19FreeYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:EnquireArea:Online

PODCAST SERIES: Iron MattersYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:NoArea:Online

Compassion Fatigue: The Cost of CaringFreeYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:EnquireArea:Online

Digital Health Security Awareness eLearning courseYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:NoArea:Online

Communicating COVID-19: Preparing clinicians to tackle challenging questionsFreeYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:EnquireArea:Online

WEBINAR RECORDING: Tips and strategies in using technology for mental health consultationsYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:NoArea:Online

The Essentials: Training Clinicians in Eating DisordersFreeYear Around Event (2020) OnlineArea:Online

Alcohol and the social determinants of health: an equity lens on interventions [webinar]FreeYear Around Event (2020) OnlineArea:Online

What do we know about the impacts of cannabis in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities? [Webinar]FreeYear Around Event (2020) OnlineArea:Online

Applied Mental Health in Residential Aged Care: Practical Program for CliniciansFreeYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:YesArea:Online

Cancer Screening Education for General PractitionersFREEYear Around Event (2020) OnlineCPD:YesArea:Online

Chronic Disease Management and Healthy Ageing ProgramYear Around Event (2020) AEST OnlineCPD:EnquireArea:Online

Critical consults in osteoporosisYear Around Event (2020) CPD:Nationally accreditedArea:Online

WEBINAR | Heart Health Checks: the critical role of the practice nurseFreeYear Around Event (2020) WebinarArea:Online

Preventing DKA at Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus in ChildrenFreeYear Around Event (2020) AEST OnlineArea:Online

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