StepCare Mental Health Assessment Tool

StepCare is a mental health service developed by Black Dog Institute to help detect symptoms of anxiety, depression and risky drinking in patients attending their GP.

How StepCare works

As they wait for their appointment with a GP, patients are asked to complete a short, voluntary survey using a mobile tablet to generate an instant assessment of their mental wellbeing.

Once the survey is completed, a report is automatically generated and sent into the practice's clinical information system using secure messaging.

Results are delivered to their GP along with personalised treatment options, including evidence-based online self-help resources.

The Black Dog Institute has developed this digital tool to assist GPs with early detection, and offers evidence-base treatment recommendations and ongoing monitoring for recovery.

The aim of this project is to deliver better screening and treatment to patients. It follows a 'stepped care' approach, whereby patients are recommended treatments based on need and intensity of symptoms presented.

The StepCare Service is being piloted in the region to help identify people with mental health symptoms, who may not otherwise seek help and treatment early.

The model enables a more systematic way of identifying, treating and monitoring those identified with mild to severe mental ill-health symptoms. The service is designed to be easy to use and to integrate into the general practice daily workflow.

During the trial period, participant practices can also benefit from expert clinical support provided by the Black Dog Institute, including fast tracked referrals, accredited training and education.

This partnership reflects the PHN’s commitment to support GPs in integrating digital health technologies to improve mental health outcomes.


For a chat about integrating StepCare in your practice, contact Marco Salvador
Ph: (07) 5456 8100


  • Early identification and treatment of mental health issues
  • Access to additional evidence based support
  • Improved patient understanding of mental health and wellbeing
  • Encourages conversations around mental health

GPs receive

  • Reports on their patients wellbeing
  • Guidance on starting conversations around mental health
  • Recommendations and referral options
  • Fortnightly reports to monitor patient progress

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