StepCare Mental Health Assessment Tool

StepCare is a mental health service developed by Black Dog Institute to help detect symptoms of anxiety, depression and risky drinking in patients attending their GP.

How StepCare works

Patients are screened in the waiting room by completing a short, voluntary survey using a mobile tablet. This gives them an instant assessment of their mental wellbeing. A report with their results is delivered to their GP along with personalised treatment options, including evidence-based online self-help resources.

Patients are monitored by their GP through online surveys sent by Black Dog Institute.

GPs receive

  • Reports on their patients wellbeing
  • Guidance on starting conversations around mental health
  • Recommendations and referral options
  • Fortnightly reports to monitor patient progress


For a chat about integrating StepCare in your practice, contact Marco Salvador
Ph: (07) 5456 8100


  • Early identification and treatment of mental health issues
  • Access to additional evidence based support
  • Improved patient understanding of mental health and wellbeing
  • Encourages conversations around mental health